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Corporate Responsibility

We are entering an era that promises more fundamental, rapid and multifaceted disruption than our planet has experienced since the Industrial Revolution. It presents both profound opportunities and daunting challenges to every business, government, community and individual in our rapidly changing world.

One very visible impact is a change in the form of the corporation itself. The 20th century "multinational" is giving way to what is described as the globally integrated enterprise. This is a very different organizational architecture and way of operating any business or institution and it offers hope for a new kind of progressive globalization - one that not only generates new opportunity for innovation and growth, but also extends that opportunity to many more regions and people.

However, we will not achieve these benefits or navigate our organizations through this disruptive change by operating the way we have in the past. Only aggressive innovation will get us through - innovation that changes the enterprise from top to bottom and that engages it far more intimately with a broad societal ecosystem of businesses, communities and institutions.