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Corporate Strategy

Green is Smart

British business and the general public are sceptical about the science of climate change, recent polling evidence suggests. And scepticism can be a healthy corrective to the climate change bandwagon. However we believe that being green is not just about climate change: it is about being smart, being ready for economic and energy adaptation to reduce costs and improve efficiency. A low-carbon economy will come about not just because of the perceived threat of climate change but because dependence on oil is fatally flawed. Being green is being smart about the future.

UK Commercial Property and Envos

Commercial buildings account for over 20% of all UK carbon emissions. There is scope for the property industry to provide a huge contribution to meeting the UK's 2020 carbon emission targets. Envos has been created to help manage the change to a low carbon future for the UK commercial property industry. Green technologies lead to efficiency and therefore substantial cost savings for building owners as well as reducing dependence on oil, a product that has multiple production, distribution and, therefore, price problems.


Our corporate goal is to become the leading provider of carbon measuring and reduction products to the UK commercial property industry over the next five years. We aim to do this by having a readily identifiable ethos - that being green is being smart.